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Capturing toxic indoor air pollutants using Nano-Cage Technology

CageCapture Ltd (CCL) is a University of Liverpool start-up, based in the Materials Innovation Factory, an $81 million facility dedicated to the research and development of advanced materials.

We create, develop and supply novel advanced materials to address some of the most pressing indoor air pollution problems facing modern society.

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Our Technology

"Double action" sorbent

Capture 500 times more than that by activated carbon

High selectivity

Designed "molecular trap" for pollutants

Solution processable

Readily add into existing filtration systems

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Indoor Air Pollution

Nowadays, we spend about 70%-90% time indoors. Indoor air pollution causes an estimated 3.8 million deaths worldwide a year, according to a World Health Organisation report.

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The most common pollutant in indoor air. Emitted from walls, floors, furniture and cigarette smoke. Confirmed to cause various health problems, and classified as a Group 1 human carcinogen by WHO.

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Porous Organic Cages

An emerging porous material, first developed by Professor Andrew Cooper’s research group at the University of Liverpool in 2009. Successfully used in applications including gas storage, gas separation and catalysis.

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Designed "molecular trap" for formaldehyde

Cage molecule acts as a "molecular prison" to capture and trap formaldehyde molecules. Each cage molecule can capture 9 formaledhyde molecules, which is 500 times higher than that captured by activated carbon, the most commonly used material for formaldehyde removal.

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Customisable cages for different pollutants

Based on the same mechanism, by tuning the size or functionality of the cage molecules, we can develop new materials that capture/detect other emerging indoor pollutants, such as radon (causing lung cancer) or acetaldehyde (one main toxin in smoking).

About Us

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CageCapture Ltd

CageCapture Ltd (CCL) is a University of Liverpool start-up launched in 2019, with the support from Innovate UK's ICURe (Innovation to commercialisation of university research) scheme. Our CageCapture technology has won first Prize in the Emerging Technologies Competition 2016 organized by Royal Society of Chemistry and was selected as one of the 12 finalists globally in the prestigious Nature Research's Spinoff Prize.

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Materials Innovation Factory

The Materials Innovation Factory is a facility dedicated to the research and development of advanced materials. It brings together materials chemistry expertise with the latest computational and robotic equipment to accelerate research and reduce the time it takes to develop new products which have the potential to address a range of societal challenges.

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University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is one of the UK’s leading research institutions. Liverpool is a member of the Russell Group. The University’s IP Commercialisation Team works with academics to bring University technologies to market.


Contact us if you are interested in the CageCapture technology or the applications of porous organic cages. We are seeking partners for the developement and commercialisation of the technology and the related advanced materials.