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 CageCapture Ltd (CCL) is a University of Liverpool start-up, based in the Materials Innovation Factory, an £81 million facility dedicated to the research and development of advanced materials. CageCapture creates, develops and supplies novel advanced materials to address some of the most pressing indoor air pollution problems facing modern society. Our award winning patented technology comprises of a patented organic cage molecule that permanently captures sub-nano size pollutants, such as formaldehyde. 

CageCapture Technology

"Double action" sorbent

Capture 500 times more than that by activted carbon

High selectivity

Designed "molecular trap" for pollutants

Solution processable

Readily add into existing filtration systems

More about CageCapture

Indoor air pollution


Nowadays, we spend about 70%-90% time indoors. Indoor air pollution causes an estimated 3.8 million deaths worldwide a year, according to a World Health Organisation report. 



Formaldehyde is the most common pollutant in indoor air, which can be emitted from walls, floors, furniture, fabrics and cigarette smoke. Formaldehyde has been confirmed to cause various health problems, and has been classified as a Group 1 human carcinogen by WHO.  

Porous organic cages


Porous organic cages (POCs) are an emerging porous material, first developed by Professor Andrew Cooper’s research group at the University of Liverpool in 2009. POCs have been sucessfully used in applications including gas storage, gas separation and catalysis.